Code that worked in gcc-2.95.2 but not in 2.96...

Benjamin Scherrey
Mon Sep 18 23:29:00 GMT 2000 wrote:

> Benjamin Scherrey <> writes

> :stupid bug snipped>

> > const char* defaulttext = "Default exception!";
> You are missing a qualifier here. Try:
>   const char* Default::defaulttext = "Default exception!";

    Thanx (and to A. Oliva) for pointing out my stupidity. I'd been making lots of little changes in other test programs (which I use to both try out new techniques and test compiler implementations) and just got too close to the code to see the obvious.


> Are you sure your compiler was configured with --enable-libstdcxx-v3 ?
>   (0) libstdcxx-v3 uses char_traits<>, not string_char_traits<>.
>   (1) --enable-libstdcxx-v3 turns on -fhonor-std by default, so that
>         things like 'cout', 'endl', 'string', etc, need appropriate
>         qualifiers or using declarations.

    I thought I had but I guess I mistyped the --enable-libstdcxx-v3 during configure. Now, however, I've got it going and it complains that it can't find any of the headers! ( <iostream>, etc... ). I simply installed to the default location over my existing gcc-2.95.2 setup and now
nothing seems to work at all! I can't include anything. FWIW - iostream and iostream.h exist in /usr/include/g++-2 and /usr/local/include/g++-3 but the compiler refuses to find them. Any ideas? I'm d/l the latest snapshot, 20000918, and will try it again to see what happens.

    thanx & later,

        Ben Scherrey

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