Why not gnat Ada in gcc?

William Gacquer wgacquer@ubisoft.fr
Mon Sep 18 09:45:00 GMT 2000

but gcj is also a large project and it it's in GCC, isn't-it?
and ( I am not sure of that ) GNAT is able to export bytecode compatible
with Java bytecode : I wonder why GCC could not benefit from that too.

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>     > have wondered why the gnu crew would not have decided 
> to add Ada to
>     > the already substantial capabilities of GCC
>     AFAIK, it's because part of GNAT is written in Ada, so 
> you'd need an
>     Ada compiler to bootstrap it, and few people have one handy.
> That's half the reason.  The other half is that it's a *lot* of large
> files and there's still the question of whether it makes sense to put
> it into the main repository.

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