can you help me help?

brent verner
Fri Sep 15 17:04:00 GMT 2000


  I know all of the ones-who-know are very busy, but if someone out 
there familiar with the c++ front end could help me get started, I'd 
appreciate it much. Basically, I've been searching for references on 
how a c++ file (magically?) gets compiled... Specifically, I'm trying
to solve (what I think to be) a problem with builtin functions and
namespaces -- .

general questions:

Is there a 'Five minute overview of how g++ works' document floating
  around anywhere? If not, I'll put one together if someone'll help
  me understand the process.

Do any of you have a list of files that are used to compile the 
  resultant g++? (I have a list I pieced together by following the 
  Makefile, but I'm pretty sure I'm not looking at all of the relevant


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