Jean-Marc Nuzillard jm.nuzillard@univ-reims.fr
Fri Sep 15 07:42:00 GMT 2000

Dear gcc people,

I have tried to build gcc for mips-sgi-irix5.2 (as config.guess tells me).
Everything when ok until the comparision of stage2 and stage3 compilers.
A lot of files were different and make terminated in error.
I tried to run 'make install' and some stuff was installed.

I tried to compile the hello.c program with gcc.
gcc still works (I had a previous build working).
I tried to compile the hello.C program with g++
g++ cannot locate iostream.h. Where should it be installed ?
I went back to the C language IO style using stdio.h.
Compilation itself was ok but ld complained about the -lstdc++ option.
Where should libstdc++.a be located ?
Does the failure of the comparison step have a consequence
on the installation of header and library files ?

Must I move to irix6.[2345] ?

Sincerely yours

Dr. Jean-Marc Nuzillard
Laboratoire de Pharmacognosie
UMR 6013
Moulin de la Housse
CPCBAI, Bâtiment 18
BP 1039
51097 REIMS Cedex

Tel : 33 3 26 91 35 48
Fax :33 3 26 91 35 96

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