mips - claritification

reedkotler@hotmail.com reedkotler@hotmail.com
Wed Sep 13 18:43:00 GMT 2000

it appears that maybe the problem is just a gas problem.

the compiler generates
move $fp,$sp

but a
daddu is generated because the -mfp32 and -mgp32 is not a parameter
to gas.

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> Reed Kotler writes:
>  > Are  you saying that I will have to make code gnerator/backend changes?
> I'm saying someone will have to do it :-).
>  > When I set all the -mgp32 and -mfp32 and such, it generates
>  > 32 bit code except whenever any kind of address is involved.
> mgp32 and mfp32 have lots of bugs associated with them.  This
> is probably one of them.
> cc1 and the assembler confuse the meanings of these flags and
> the -mips1/-mips2/etc flags; they sometimes use one flag when
> they should be using the other.  Various persons have made
> attempts to fix some of these problems, but some still remain.
> It's possible that one of these attempts broke the compiler
> for you.
> These flags have effects upon the size of data types, as does
> the choice of ABI.  In some cases the ABI should take precidence,
> in others the ABI allows for differing data types.  No one
> has had the time to work out how all this should work and
> make it do that.
> Officially "mgp32" means the hardware has 32bit registers.
> What you discribed in an earlier message was producing code
> for a machine that has 64 bit registers, but you only want
> to use the lower 32 bits.  Off hand I don't remember why
> this distinction matters, but I have a vague memory that
> it does.
> If your willing to take this issue on, more power to you.
>                                       -gavin...

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