f77 correctness on Sparc

Toon Moene toon@moene.indiv.nluug.nl
Wed Sep 13 14:09:00 GMT 2000

Brad Lucier wrote:

> There are a large number of test failures and untested test cases in the
> current CVS f77 when compiled with -m64 -mcpu=ultrasparc on an Ultra 10
> running Solaris 2.8, see
> http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc-testresults/2000-09/msg00114.html
> Is this a general 64bit problem, or are there specific problems with
> the sparc port?

I wasn't aware of this - I haven't run an alpha test suite for days. 
I'll try that tomorrow (it's bed time over here now ;-)

Note that most of your failures are compilation errors - perhaps looking
into the logs will give a clue.


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