research on open-source software development

Yutaka Yamauchi
Thu Sep 7 14:32:00 GMT 2000

Dear GCC Project Members,

(Sorry for consuming the bandwidth.)

I've been doing some academic research on open-source 
software development taking GCC as a case. I've found 
something interesting and plan to publish a paper in 
ACM conference on computer supported cooperative work.

As I wrote to this mailing list on March 2, 2000 (I 
think most of you forget...), I would like to post the 
URL of the paper and have some feedback (if you have 

Please understand that this is an academic study and 
focuses on particular aspects. But, I hope it partly 
explains how open-source software succeeds.

Please download the paper (PDF) from,
Summary is available,
Since page-by-page browsing does not work, copy the 
entire file to your disk first. 

I don't quote any specific email messages in the paper.

I also admire your great work as one of the users of 

(Here is the original message, )

Best Regards,

Yutaka Yamauchi
Anderson School at UCLA
(I changed school recently.)


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