Building libstdc++ non-shared with -fpic ?

Alexandre Oliva
Fri Jun 30 11:43:00 GMT 2000

On Jun 30, 2000, Ingo Rohloff <> wrote:

>> > Now if you try to build a shared library, which uses code of a 
>> > static libstdc++, this will lead to problems, because the
>> > static libstdc++ will contain code which is NOT position 
>> > independent. 
>> No, it won't lead to problems - at least not if these two library
>> copies had the same source code, and where compiled by the same
>> compiler release. You can certainly combine non-PIC code into a shared
>> library, at least on Linux.

> How is this possible ?

It isn't always possible.  It depends on support from dynamic loaders,
to perform relocations on non-PIC code.  But then, since they will be
modifying code pages of the shared library, the pages will not be
shareable between multiple processes.

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