How to make gcc print messages during compilation.

Bolan Meek
Fri Jun 30 09:02:00 GMT 2000 wrote:
> I am involved in porting applications from Windows NT to Linux.
> I have 3 problems
> (1) How we can make gcc to print user messages during the compilation
> process.

Large projects, and even some small ones, are generally
compiled using make.  Makefiles can execute _whatever_ is desired
for user messages, even X clients.

> (2) Is there a way I can stop the compilation with error messages Like
> #error preprocessor directive in VC++ compilers.

AFAIK, make generally aborts processing unless told, with an
option switch, to do otherwise.  To force a bail-out from
compiling or pre-processing, one _could_ intentionally
introduce errors.

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