Building libstdc++ non-shared with -fpic ?

Alexandre Oliva
Fri Jun 30 08:36:00 GMT 2000

On Jun 30, 2000, Ingo Rohloff <> wrote:

> A resolution to this problem seems to compile libstdc++ as
> static library BUT with the -fpic option, so that the code
> included in the static archive is PIC.

PIC code may be far slower than non-PIC code, due to increased
register pressure, so doing that by default is not a good idea.  But
there might be an option to do it.

> PS: Some people said that the linker should be able to recognize
>     if non PIC is linked to a shared library and complain, but I'm not
>     sure if this is possible. Comments ?

Some linkers do, and either complain or arrange for the non-PIC code
to be included in the shared library anyway, even though it may not be
able to share memory pages across multiple processes, for requiring

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