linking of inline static methods

Martin v. Loewis
Wed Jun 28 13:36:00 GMT 2000

> I don't think there is any bug in ld. In general, you don't use
> -Bsymbolic unless you know what you are doing. -Bsymbolic turns the
> global symbol references into local ones if there is a definition in
> the shared library. That is your problem.

I believe this is not the problem. On the assembler level, there is
only one definition of the symbol, namely in a file that goes into the
shared library. When linking, you suddenly get two definitions. One in
the shared library, and one in the executable. As a result, they will
be considered different under -Bsymbolic - that part is not

What I don't understand is why the object needs to be copied into the
executable. Specifically, for the library, I get

00001930 D _16TestInlineStatic.staticVar

and for the executable, I get

0804984c B _16TestInlineStatic.staticVar

together with a relocation

0804984c R_386_COPY        _16TestInlineStatic.staticVar

Why is it needed to copy the variable into the program image at run
time? Couldn't it live in the shared library just fine?


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