Installing G77

Tim Prince
Tue Jun 27 06:08:00 GMT 2000

Any method for installing on Windows other than those which begin with a
binary distribution of gcc meant for Windows will not be
straightforward.  gcc-2.95.2/g77 is incorporated in the cygwin

Tim Prince
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Sent: Tuesday, June 27, 2000 3:26 AM
Subject: Installing G77

>      I hope that you will not mind responding to a question regarding
>      the installation of G77 as I am totally unsure of what I should
>      be doing.
>      I have downloaded two GZIP files, namely GCC.2.95.2 (12.5 Meg)
>      of the full distributions and GCC.2.95.2 (1.3Meg) of the
>      Fortran distribution.
>      I would like to install G77 on a Windows 95 PC but am unfamiliar
>      with C, C++, etc and write to ask for a layman's guide to the
>      basic steps. I have read the "Installing GCC: Configuration"
>      web-page but was unable to interpret the basic steps for my own
>      situation here. I especially struggled with the options
>      and would love to know what the most sraightforward
>      parameters might be?
>      For example, should I creat a directory GCC on my C: drive,
>      placing C:\GCC in the path list of autoexec.bat, and then
>      extract all the files from the two archives elsewhere on disk
>      and type `configure' from GCC?
>      I hope that you can help me. I am returning to research in Maths
>      after a number of years and wish to start writing some Fortran
>      programs as soon as I can.
>      Looking forward to hearing from you,
>      Regards,
>      John Carroll
>      School of Mathematical Sciences
>      Dublin City University
>      Dublin 9, Ireland
>      < John.Carroll @ >

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