warning: trigraph ... ignored - again

Joe Buck jbuck@racerx.synopsys.com
Fri Jun 16 16:29:00 GMT 2000

Zack Weinburg writes:
> > In the near future, gcc will stop warning about trigraphs in comments,
> > which represent the vast majority of trigraphs in the kernel source.
> > (This is not possible right now because the trigraph converter doesn't
> > know about comments.)  I'd recommend that you ignore the issue for
> > now.
> > 

Peter Anvin writes:
> I think you seriously need to re-think your design.  You have broken old
> behaviour and bundled a low-priority warning with a high-priority
> warning that can't be switched on or off as a group.  I think that's a
> major lose.

How so?  Once Zack fixes things so that there are no warnings about
trigraphs in comments, then the only way you'll see a warning is if
you have a trigraph in the actual source code, and this trigraph changes
the meaning of the program.  Not alerting the user to such a condition
when the user has said "-Wall" would be wrong.  It is not a low-priority
warning at all.  And the warning you are currently seeing for the
trigraph in the comment will disappear.

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