Machine Description '.md'

Alan Lehotsky
Wed Jun 7 08:24:00 GMT 2000

At 12:08 PM -0300 6/7/00, Marcio de Oliveira Buss wrote:
>	Hi!
>	Could someone please help me? I want to know if the file
>  '.md' containing the machine description is read during the
>  compilation,

	The .md file is parsed ONLY at compiler-generation time.

	It generates .c files that contain the machine-dependent
	pieces of the code generator and instruction generators.

	It also produces .h files that are used to affect
	compilation of the machine independent parts of the compiler
	by indicating which operations are supported as patterns.  This
	is needed to guide the code-generator in which RTL patterns
	can be produced.

	It would be a phenomenal amount of work to make this
	happen at compiler runtime instead.  You probably don't want
	to even think about doing that.

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