"GNU_AS" symbol in IA-64 bits

Jim Wilson wilson@cygnus.com
Mon Jun 5 14:12:00 GMT 2000

In article < 20000605010319.A35899@dragon.nuxi.com > you write:
>Is anyone against s/GNU_AS/GAS/g in configure* and config/ia64/* ?
>This would make things consistent with the Alpha, MIPS, sparc, ia32/i386

This is an OK change.  No one is using IAS anymore, so no one should notice
the change in the option name.  I do think that the option comment string
should continue to say GNU as though, for people who don't happen to know
what "GAS" is.  After all, there is no "gas" binary, there is only a "GNU as"
binary.  Personally, I prefer "GNU as" for this reason, but I am willing to
conform to established convention.


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