Tar with CVS now available

Jamie Lokier egcs@tantalophile.demon.co.uk
Sun Jun 4 07:19:00 GMT 2000

Joe Buck wrote:
> > Really cool would be an rsync server that's always serving (a) the
> > latest snapshot and (b) the latest cvs version.
> If someone wants to provide such a service, fine, but I don't see much
> point in it.  Some people can't use CVS for one reason or another (e.g.
> firewalls that only allow FTP), but such people can't use rsync either.
> I'd be amazed to find a site that bans CVS but allows rsync through
> firewalls.

It's not about firewalls -- it's about modems.  Modems that are slow and
drop the line occasionally.

rsync seems to be very fast with modems, and it's easy to restart
after dropping a connection.  (Disclaimer: I haven't tried CVS over a
modem, but I have used rsync extensively and been very pleased.)

-- Jamie

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