nls patches - need help with make machinery

Richard Earnshaw
Sun Jun 4 07:19:00 GMT 2000

> > Martin, do you have an idea how to get Chills be processed by
> > configure? In that case I could use the same fix as for f/
> Again, without trying: Adding
> outputs=ch/Makefile
> to ch/ might work. If you do this for both ch and objc,
> then there would be no 'oldstyle_subdirs' left, which may or may not
> be a good thing.

This won't work.  I tried it yesterday.  If you want to bring chill's 
makefile fragment into autoconfigury, you will have to rewrite large 
chunks of it, which are currently set up using some special sed rules 
somewhere.  (I got so lost trying to unravel it all yesterday that this is 
when I just gave up and disabled nls entirely.)

> I'm not exactly sure what one has to do to become a 'newstyle' subdir,
> only cares about outputs being set. configure.lang does
> all kinds of magic which I don't understand to create ch/Makefile from
> Converting ch to newstyle subdirs does not look to
> difficult - it may be that objc is more work.
> Alternatively, you could enhance configure.lang to substitute some
> other things as well, but I doubt its worth the effort.
> Regards,
> Martin

I think chill needs bringing properly into the autoconf make system.  That 
would solve a lot of the problems, but it probably isn't a trivial job.


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