Alias sets

Toon Moene
Sun Jun 4 05:12:00 GMT 2000

Mark Mitchell wrote:

>   Two things went wrong with mail in the last few days that have made
> me less useful than I should have been with respect to the aliasing
> stuff:
>    - Somehow, I was unsubscribed to gcc-patches around the beginning
>      of last week.  That's where a lot of the interesting traffic was.
>      I am now resubscribed.

Ah, that certainly explains a lot of the haphazard question-and-answer
sessions I've seen on this topic ...

> and the accompanying front-end patches.  I don't think language
> implementors should be saddled with alias sets at all if they don't
> want to deal.  It should be possible to right a correct front-end
> without providing this function; you just won't get as good
> optimization.  Do you agree?

Yes, please.  Although I now understand how alias sets could be useful
for the Fortran Frontend (everything in a different alias set except for
those items in EQUIVALENCE lists), I do not have the time - nor the
expertise - to update the frontend.

Thanks for this explanation.

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