nls patches - need help with make machinery

Robert Lipe
Sat Jun 3 19:36:00 GMT 2000

Gerald Pfeifer wrote:

> I hope these patches fix the following problem(s) as well? In addition, I
> suggest to address those tons of warnings in that code; right now, it's
> even hard to find the errors.

I hate to be a grouch, but I'll take this opportunity to point out
that if we had a "don't introduce new warnings into the build" rule,
I believe none of the non-standard GCC extensions that broke builds
on other systems would have made it in.  We would have still had the
bootstrapping problems with missing libraries becuase the "you must
bootstrap while testing your changes" rule wasn't followed.

> In file included from /cvs/gcc/gcc/intl/localealias.c:73:
> /cvs/gcc/gcc/intl/gettextP.h:49: warning: ANSI does not permit the keyword `inline'

This squarely sinks most ISO C compilers.

> /cvs/gcc/gcc/intl/localealias.c:337: void value not ignored as it ought to be
> /cvs/gcc/gcc/intl/localealias.c:341: void value not ignored as it ought to be

These were the tipoff to the "I'm going to treat bcopy as memcpy" problem.

Philipp Thomas wrote:

> Could you supply me with a login to a machine that's not using glibc? I only
> have gcc/glibc machines available to me, so I can't do the verification.

Though I've tried to get a couple of SCO systems outside the firewall to
be available for things like this, I have been unsuccessful in doing it.
I do see that SourceForge has FreeBSD 3.4 in their compilefarm.   I believe
it doesn't use Glibc.

In a different message, Philipp Thomas wrote:
> I'm just now running a bootstrap for testing my patches. Robert, Richard,
> would you be willing to test the patches before I check them in?



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