Tar with CVS now available

Joe Buck jbuck@racerx.synopsys.com
Sat Jun 3 11:54:00 GMT 2000

> > ftp://ftp.treblig.org/pub/people/treblig/misc/gcc_cvs_02062000.tbz
> > 
> > That is a bzip'd tar file of a complete cvs checkout of gcc taken last
> > night. (Just under 12MB), it includes the CVS directories.  Download that,
> > untar and then you can cvs update just the changes quickly over your
> > modem.
> Really cool would be an rsync server that's always serving (a) the
> latest snapshot and (b) the latest cvs version.

If someone wants to provide such a service, fine, but I don't see much
point in it.  Some people can't use CVS for one reason or another (e.g.
firewalls that only allow FTP), but such people can't use rsync either.
I'd be amazed to find a site that bans CVS but allows rsync through

I formerly couldn't use CVS at work, but managed to convince our
security people to open port 2401 only for a small list of trusted
sites, like gcc.gnu.org.  Others in the same situation could try the
same strategy.

FTP can be quicker to get the tree the first time, but after someone
downloads and unpacks the tree listed above, the cvs update command
can bring you up to date at any time, and adding the flag
will update you to the latest snapshot.

Jeff, Mark, perhaps it would be an improvement to include the CVS
directories in the snapshots on a regular basis.  Then we could
encourage people to use FTP the first time and then switch to CVS.
That would probably reduce load on servers, the first-time cvs
checkout has to be a lot more expensive than an FTP transfer.

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