Check-In Requirements

Mark Mitchell
Thu Jun 1 22:42:00 GMT 2000

Loren --

  Thanks for your suggestions.

  I'm a little worried, though.  If someone makes an erroneous change,
runs the tests (and some of them fail), but then uses the
test-reporting script, that will be confusing.  You're suggesting, of
course, that people only use the script when everything is ready to
check-in, but I'm afraid that people might accidentally send in bogus
  Also, I was just trying to write down our current practices.  I
don't think your suggestion is part of normal current practice; it's
an additional step.

  I can see that it proves that you ran the tests -- but I think we
all trust each other.  I would certainly believe someone if they said
they ran the tests, checked the results, and found no differences
before a check-in.

  Could you elaborate on what benefits you expect this to have?  


Mark Mitchell         
CodeSourcery, LLC     

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