Making platform specific help translatable.

Philipp Thomas
Thu Jun 1 07:46:00 GMT 2000

* Martin v. Loewis ( [20000531 20:50]:

> I could try to come up with a patch to xgettext that enables recognition
> of strings inside preprocessor defines; provided it is acceptable that gcc
> requires a modified gettext.

I'd say it is acceptable, as gcc.pot will only be built when configured with
--enable-maintainer-mode and anybody doing that simply has to have the
necessary tools available. If you come up with a patch, this added
functionality should be controllable via command line switch, defaulting to
off. That would make the patch more acceptable for eventual integration into
the normal gettext package.

The modified gettext package should then be made available in the
infrastructure directory to make it easy for those that want to work on the
NLS stuff.

BTW, originally gcc required a patched gettext already, as the exgettext
script Paul Eggert wrote tells xgettext which argument in the call of 
functions that do the output is the translatable message.


Philipp Thomas <>
Development, SuSE GmbH, Schanzaecker Str. 10, D-90443 Nuremberg, Germany

#define NINODE  50              /* number of in core inodes */
#define NPROC   30              /* max number of processes */
 	-- Version 7 UNIX fuer PDP 11, /usr/include/sys/param.h

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