trying to glue Modula-3 onto egcs table based exception handl ing support

Richard Kenner
Thu Jun 1 02:49:00 GMT 2000

    > Where precisely does m3.c tie into the rest of GCC?

    Above the tree level.

    > There may be other (political & legal) concerns with integrating
    > this file depending on precisely where it hooks in and exactly
    > how it works.

    I wouldn't think it would be much different than Ada. 

    The m3 (real) front end writes out a simple text-based representation
    of its (probably processed) AST, which is piped to m3.c, which converts
    it into trees, and from there the normal things happen.

Note that GNAT has not done this for nearly six years.  (There is code around
to read and write the tree, but this is used for ASIS, not the compilation
process.  I don't even think it *could* be used for the compilation process
at this point.)

    I imagine it would be possible, though perhaps painful, to link the
    front end directly against the back end.  I havn't looked at how GNAT
    accomplishes this.

By just linking the whole thing together in one executable.

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