Is egcs1.1.2-12 and egcs1.1.2-24 binary compatible ?

Gerald Pfeifer
Thu Jun 1 01:44:00 GMT 2000

On Thu, 1 Jun 2000, Ramakanta Pangeni wrote:
> Will somebody help me finding the difference between the two egcs minor
> releases, viz. 1.1.2-12 and 1.1.2-24 ? The RedHat Linux v6.0 seems to
> use the first, while the 6.1 uses the later. I need to understand
> whether the binaries(libraries etc) compiled with one version of the
> egcs can be used (linked) with those compiled with the other version.

I'm quite sure the answer is ``Yes''.

However, please note that questions like these are beyond the scope of
the GCC mailing lists: We ship GCC as source code only and our version
numbers are of the style X.Y or X.Y.Z (possibly followed by a letter).

The versions you are using (-12 and -24) apparently have been modified
and built by Red Hat, so you'll have to ask them, not us.

Gerald "Jerry"

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