About the format of floating point...

slayer slayer@ccl.itri.org.tw
Tue Feb 29 19:29:00 GMT 2000

Dear all,

Now we are porting GCC as a cross-platform compiler for our Java CPU.
We got a problem about the format of floating point...

The IEEE single-float format is: (1, 8, 23) for it's (S, E, F).
However, our single-float format is: (1, 11, 20).

This format (1, 11, 20) is the high 32 bits for IEEE double-precision and
we found that our compiler works fine with double precision, but failed
in single precision since the single-float format is wrong. Is there any
for changing the single-float format to the correct one?

By the way, we've defined our float format as IEEE_FLOAT_FORMAT
in vax.h. And I don't know if we will get into troubles since we choose the
vax as target machine to do our porting work for Java CPU.

Please give us some advises ^_^

Kuo-Yu Slayer Chuang
Computer & Communications Research Laboratories
Software Engineer
Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan.
E-mail: slayer@itri.org.tw

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