Generated libcalls

Philipp Thomas
Tue Feb 29 16:59:00 GMT 2000

* Martin v. Loewis ( [20000301 01:02]:

> There is an alternative interface to achieve the same effect, do I
> dare say #pragma? :-)

Ahh, do I get this right that you're hinting at something like

#pragma libcall off

In that case I'd agree with that smiley ;-) But I'd still call for a
compiler switch because of the question where to put such a pragma. But
mostly because I'd rather avoid the inevitable discussion that would follow
the proposal to add a new #pragma ;->

The problem with this matter is, that, as Jan Hubicka pointed out to me,
it's rather hard to implement such a switch as at that point, a libcall is
just another function. I've never dealt with gcc on that level so I can't
make comments about the validity of that statement.


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