Access to CVS

Martin v. Loewis
Tue Feb 29 00:22:00 GMT 2000

> I would do a "cvs update" and it would take like 20 minutes.  Then I'd
> try the "cvs commit" and it would take 20 minutes to tell me it failed the
> "up-to-date" check.  So I'd repeat the process and again it would take so
> long that it got out of date before I'd get a response.

I can also confirm that I have problems on a regular basis. The
problems are particularly bad when the server has to do merging; so I
removed most of my private changes from my tree, just to make the
updates run faster (or, at least, comlete at all).

I noticed that other servers (e.g. GNOME) allow much quicker updates
(even though the code base is larger), and exchange less data in the
process. So perhaps just updating CVS might cure some problems. What
is the CVS version you are using on gcc?

Also, looking it GNOME, it appears that CVS mirrors are possible. I'm
sure people would be willing to host mirrors; in the case of GNOME,
the specific mirrors are selected via DNS magic.


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