Fool Question

Martin v. Loewis
Wed Feb 23 13:38:00 GMT 2000

> Excuse me that fool question , i´m new in gcc, 

It seems that you need a more sophisticated linker pass. If you invoke

 gcc -o test test.c -v

it will try to run a number of compilation steps, including the linker

In the linker pass, you'll notice that it also passes '-lgcc' to the
linker, which is the GCC library and provides definitions for
__udivhi3 and other intrinsic functions.

As for sprintf: You'll need to provide a C library of some kind. I
suppose gcc will ask the linker for '-lc' by default. Depending on how
your environment is set up, this may or may not succeed. If you don't
have a C library (not even a very simple one), you cannot use C
library functions such as sprintf.

I don't know anything about H8 processors, so if this response is not
sufficient, please ask on the gcc list, again.


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