Benjamin Scherrey
Mon Feb 21 13:54:00 GMT 2000

I concur - v3 is nowhere near ready for prime time although the guys
are moving ahead diligently. Its a big friggin library with lots of
nuances. It would be real nice if a piecemeal integration of v3
components into v2 could be made but I dunno how deep and intrusive
the dependencies are - I fear this option is not practical. FWIW -
providing a stringstream as a stop gap measure for v2 would probably
be a fantastic benefit because use of strstream (and forgetting to
unfreeze stuff correctly) is one of the biggest source of memory leaks
that I find in people's C++ code and in every case a stringstream
would have prevented and was what the original code would have
preferred in the first place.

	thanx & later,

		Ben Scherrey

Joe Buck wrote:
> Martin writes:
> > I'd still like a comment on the original submission of that <sstream>
> > header. I think it should be integrated with the v2 libstdc++ -
> > whether or not this eventually appears in a release.
> I'd vote for putting it in, to benefit those who have an immediate need
> for it.  v3 is not yet ready.

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