Joe Buck
Mon Feb 21 09:33:00 GMT 2000

> I talked to Benjamin last week about some of this stuff, and we may be at
> a point where switching to libstdc++ v3 makes sense.

I repeat my request that
be updated, since according to it, v3 is nowhere near ready (but it
shows the state of the world as of the 2.90.6 snapshot).

(There are release notes for 2.90.7, but the bugs page and status page
refer to 2.90.6).

> The biggest question in my mind is compatibility and interactions with 
> libio on systems which embed libio into libc (ie linux).

We can't consider switching to v3 until this has been shown to work; it
is a requirement (one that shouldn't be difficult to satisfy, given
the long experience of the folks involved).

I think that, for Linux it would be sufficient to have it working with
glibc 2.1.x or newer (though folks who need to work with an older glibc
would be free to submit patches).

Also, what mechanisms will v3 provide to allow syncing between stdio
and iostreams on platforms such as *BSD that don't use libio in their C

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