Zapping the old FAQ

Gerald Pfeifer
Fri Feb 18 11:53:00 GMT 2000

On Tue, 15 Feb 2000, Jeffrey A Law wrote:
> Agreed.  Actually what you're describing is a migration path -- over time
> a certain amount of stuff in FOM should migrate into the install, user or
> developer guides.

...and I'm going to take care of that (to same extent). ;-)

>> If the general opinion here is that these issues are not really that
>> important, just let's tackle on how folks can easily mirror our web
>> site including F-O-M (preferrably using CVS) and remove the old FAQ
>> rather sooner than later.
> I think this is pretty straightforward too.  We just have mirrors pick
> up the cgi script, meta & cache subdirs.  Probably the only thing we'd
> need to do is have different access permissions on the mirrors (ie,
> readonly :-)

I'm not sure whether mirrors usually will want to run "imported" scripts,
but anyway, in that case we can always refer to our main site, as we do
for the mailing list archives.

Sooo, there are no real issues concerning the F-O-M left, where I see
potential problems. :-)

How shall we proceed in removing the old FAQ?  Remove the link and
truncate faq.html to only include a reference to the F-O-M and a link
to the new location of the Bug Reporting Instructions?

(We'll have to keep faq.html for the next couple of years, BTW, because
of the link to the Bug Reporting Instructions in the egcs and GCC 2.95

Gerald "Jerry"

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