C++ front-end / C++ compiler

Christian Baxmann klaxi@t-online.de
Thu Feb 17 18:44:00 GMT 2000

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
we are trying to write a C++ compiler back-end for the 
GUPRO-Project (graphbased program understanding)
at the University of Koblenz,Germany. We try to avoid 
writing the front-end
We'd like to know if your C++ front-end fulfils our needs, or 
can be modified to fulfil them. Here's a description of what 
we need: 
A C++ front-end that
- generates AST and symbol table
- parses ANSI C++ (and dialects: MSVC++, GNU C++, Borland 
- generates full source code information (line and column 
numbers, type names etc.) that would make it possible to 
  reconstruct the source code with our back-end and 
your front-end
- runs on NT and Solaris
Further information about your front-end (price, 
support, known bugs, how to access the AST, available manuals and 
would be nice.
Christian Baxmann

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