Code Bloat g++

Martin v. Loewis
Thu Feb 17 11:49:00 GMT 2000

> > > Anyway, as Alexandre points out: this is debugging information, so
> > > what is the problem?
> Argh!  I am astounded at how many C++ compiler developers make such comments.
> I am familiar with a commercial project that is at a crisis point because
> of the massive, massive size of debug information generated by a
> well-known proprietary C++ compiler (literally gigabytes of debug
> information for a single medium-to-large application, more than triple the
> size of the previous release).  Please let's not make g++ suck just as
> badly.

That assumes that large debug information is redundant to a ridiculous
degree. I don't know whether this is the case, but until I'm proven
wrong, I'd always assume that every single bit in the debug
information serves a purpose.

With that assumption, it is ok for me if debug information is large -
because it could not be much smaller.

> Cool optimizations are sexier, but in real life developers will be
> doing a lot more compiles with -g than with -O.

Real life debuggers also have large disk space and incremental linkers


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