Is comparing against 0.0 safe?

Brad Lucier
Tue Feb 15 14:59:00 GMT 2000

>         When using -Wfloat-equal, I'm getting one warning from gcc
> which says: "warning: comparing floating point with == or != is
> unsafe".
> I was wondering if comparing a float or double against 0.0 is okay
> for all platforms and floating point representations.
> If so, I'd like to change the warning to allow this.

It's no more safe or unsafe than comparing against any other number.
The discussion of this relatively new warning is at

Originally, the proposer suggested that it be turned off when comparing
against a constant.  (He mentioned that it triggered when intentionally
comparing against 0.0 in his own code.)  I don't see what good the warning
does, (it warns against something, but lets other things that are just
as "bad" go through),  so I can't recommend whether to disable it for
constants,  I'd say not, until we get more feedback about how this has
been used.

> Otherwise, perhaps I should change the expression to be (ut + st > 0).

I would suggest going with this approach.

Brad Lucier

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