GCC for Mac OS X

Stan Shebs shebs@apple.com
Mon Feb 14 16:51:00 GMT 2000

David Young wrote:
> As I understand it: the altivec patches to gcc do NOT perform automatic
> vectorization (loop unrolling). The code above is NOT altivec ready.
> Altivec defines additional assembly instructions that operate on an extended
> data types called "vector" and "matrix", much like "float" is defined in
> regular c. The operators are overloaded to perform the arithmetic, much like
> a C++ library that defines vector types and overloads the obvious operators.

That's right.  The code I'm looking at doesn't actually define a literal "matrix"
type, instead it has "vector" and "pixel" types, and seems to allow things
to be defined as "vector pixel".

As you might imagine, the changes to support these new types and connect them
to code generation are threaded all through GCC.


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