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Scott Bambrough
Thu Feb 10 13:10:00 GMT 2000

Richard Earnshaw wrote:
> > 2000-02-09  Bambrough  <>
> >
> >         * config/arm/ (movsi): In PIC mode, make sure that a
> >         constant source address is legitimate.
> >
> Scott or Phil,
> Could you give me an example of why this is needed; I'm particularly
> concerned that this code throws out LABELs.  It doesn't seem to be
> required for NetBSD (at least, I've never seen any problem with the
> current code), so I'm concerned that this will alter the behaviour there.
> *IF* this is dependent on the target object format, then the patch needs
> more work to take this into account; but it could be that I've just not
> come across the problem before.
> Richard.

Hi Richard, 

This was so long ago.  This patch dates from 1998, and was probably made by Pat
Beirne (who is probably in the thick of the Inprise acquistion ATM).  If I
remember correctly, this patch ensures that local objects that are going to
require a GOTOFF reloc have a load of sl with the address of the GOT.  If I
remember correctly, the label_mentioned_p() is needed if someone does arithmetic
with a label or the address of a label.

I don't see how this throws out labels.  AFAIK, it only forces
legitimize_pic_address to be called if it is a constant, label, or symbol
reference.  If you can expand on your concern some more, I'll try and address


Scott Bambrough - Software Engineer

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