wstring commented out in egcs-1.1.2 C++ library

Joe Buck jbuck@synopsys.COM
Wed Feb 9 17:35:00 GMT 2000

> Does this mean that one can then just plug-in libstdc++-v3 into the GCC
> tree without *any* tweaks?

That's one of the two needed conditions.

> If so, wouldn't that be the point when libstdc++-v3 should go into the
> GCC CVS tree?

The other needed condition is that we have to make sure that v3 has all of
the common functionality that v2 has; I believe that there's still some
fairly basic missing stuff but my last testing was a while ago so this may
have changed.

Unfortunately, the BUGS file in both the distribution and on the web
site ( ) was not updated for
snapshot 2.90.7, it describes 2.90.6.  At least in that version, there
were enough limitations to make libstdc++-v3 not ready for prime time yet.
The CVS version of the BUGS file hasn't been updated either.  I know
that the contributors are busy, but it would be nice if the file could
be updated.

When we were discussing the version numbering for the reunited egcs/GCC
release, we were saying that we'd use the number 3.0 for the release
that gets the "final" C++ ABI and libstdc++-v3.  There are some other
factors besides libstdc++ v3, there's also industry standard ABI's
and glibc and all the usual stuff to worry about.

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