Merged ARM-Thumb branch...

Philip Blundell
Wed Feb 9 08:29:00 GMT 2000

>1) gcc/config/arm/linux-oldld.h is in my 2.95.2 patches and the mainline, but
>not in the branch.  It should have been moved over I believe.


>3) FUNCTION_PROFILER is defined in arm.h.  It uses two other defines
>FUNCTION_PROFILER is undefined, then redefined.  I need to test this again, bu
>the definition in linux-elf.h is the one I have been using since 2.8.1 with
>glibc 2.x.  I think it should probably undefine ARM_FUNCTION_PROFILER then
>redefine it, rather than FUNCTION_PROFILER.  The other alternative is the
>current definition of ARM_PROFILER is broken, or needed for other platforms. 

The ARM_/THUMB_FUNCTION_PROFILER macros are new in the branch.  You're right 
that linux-elf should probably override them instead of FUNCTION_PROFILER.
I imagine the existing ARM_PROFILER in arm.h is suitable for RISC iX and 

>-  if (CONSTANT_P (operands[1]) && flag_pic)
>+  if (CONSTANT_P (operands[1]) || symbol_mentioned_p (operands[1])
>+       || label_mentioned_p (operands[1]) && flag_pic)

This patch was originally written by Pat, as far as I know.  It's been in my 
tree for years.

>Fri Jul 16 10:29:48 1999  Philip Blundell  <>
>        * function.c (rtx_equal_for_addressof_p): New function.
>        (purge_addressof_1): Use it instead of rtx_equal_p.

The patch you posted only includes the first of these changes, which is not 
much use in isolation. :-)

As far as I know, this bug is still present, but I'm not at all convinced that 
my patch is the right answer.


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