wstring commented out in egcs-1.1.2 C++ library

Benjamin Kosnik
Tue Feb 8 15:44:00 GMT 2000

>   > If you want to contribute, please grab wstring from libstdc++ v3 and
>   > back integrate it into gcc, and that way, the next major release will
>   > have it in it.  Unless someone does this, the next release most likely
>   > won't have it.  There might be reasons why this should not be done
>   > (breaking backwards compatibility, if people are interested in
>   > that)...  but in the absence of these types of things, it is just
>   > unfortunate that we don't upgrade libstdc++.
> Bzzt.  Wrong.
> Backporting the libstdc++ wstring stuff is trivial.

Bzzt. Wrong. Besides, iostreams in v2 cannot handle wchar's, whereas v3 does.
As others have noted on this thread, then you can use wstringstream. . .

> The problem is it relies on a lot of code which doesn't exist on a number of
> popular unix systems.  There was a tread on this issue a long time ago.
> Basically someone needs to write the necessary support code for libiberty
> that can be included when the host system doesn't provide proper wide char
> support.

... this stuff has been done in v-3, in an nice autoconf'd and automake'd 
way. I am unwilling to port this to v2 -- I think it's easier just to use 
v3. Instead, I'm making v3 play nice as a plug-in replacement to the 
current gcc distros. . .

As I see it, the only reasons to use v2 over v3 are

1) v2 MT string stuff has not been fully integrated
2) xcompiles dont' work.

within two weeks both of these should be fixed. 


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