wstring commented out in egcs-1.1.2 C++ library
Tue Feb 8 01:15:00 GMT 2000

On 8 Feb 2000, Steinar Bang wrote:

> Today I was going to use wstring in the egcs 1.1.2 installation,
> that's the native gcc of SuSE linux 6.2,... and found that wstring was 
> commented out in <string>.
> A couple of searches on the net, found 7 questions like this
> but no useful responses.
> However I also found this set of patches:
> and if they work I'm home free.
> But I'm curious about the lack of responses to the questions...?  And
> why the patches hasn't been applied?  Doesn't anyone currently
> maintain the old libg++?  Is all effort put into libstdc++-v3?  Are
> the patches applied in gcc-2.95?
> Thanx in advance for satisfying my curiousity! :-)
> - Steinar

As of about jan 24 or so, libstdc++-v3 supported this much of

  using std::wstring;
  using std::string;

  using std::wostringstream;

int main()
    wostringstream wo;
    wo << "Hello!\n";
    wstring hello(wo.str());

(I used a wostringstream because I couldn't think of anyother way to put
  text in wstring; it doesn't have a constructor that takes a char const* 
  or one that takes a string. (If I read 21.3.1 correctly, such
  constructors would be an extension.))

I think the 2.90.7 snapshot supported this as well.

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