wstring commented out in egcs-1.1.2 C++ library

Steinar Bang
Tue Feb 8 00:04:00 GMT 2000

Today I was going to use wstring in the egcs 1.1.2 installation,
that's the native gcc of SuSE linux 6.2,... and found that wstring was 
commented out in <string>.

A couple of searches on the net, found 7 questions like this
but no useful responses.

However I also found this set of patches:
and if they work I'm home free.

But I'm curious about the lack of responses to the questions...?  And
why the patches hasn't been applied?  Doesn't anyone currently
maintain the old libg++?  Is all effort put into libstdc++-v3?  Are
the patches applied in gcc-2.95?

Thanx in advance for satisfying my curiousity! :-)

- Steinar

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