Email rejected by gcc list

Richard Kenner
Mon Feb 7 16:04:00 GMT 2000

    Now, if there was no advantage, then why did 57% of all my spam that I
    receive go through an open relay?

You and I have very different data.  I look at most spam messages I
receive and only a handful (as I said, a few percent) have gone through

But please explain the advantage to the spammer of using relays.  Even most
sites that are open relays generate proper "Received:" lines.  SO it's just as easy to trace a spammer.

    What are the number of spams you have received in the last year?  How
    many were on orbs that went on dul+rbl+rss when you received them?
    How many on dul+rbl+rss?

I don't use any of those, so I can't tell, but I'd guess I get about 5
spam messages per day.

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