Email rejected by gcc list

Mike Stump
Mon Feb 7 15:56:00 GMT 2000

> Date: Mon, 7 Feb 00 10:52:56 EST
> From: (Richard Kenner)

> since there isn't a shred of evidence that open relays contribute
> significantly to spam: From my own observations, I'd say less than
> 1% of all spam I receive went through a relay and there is no
> advantage to a spammer of using a relay.

57% (173 meesages for the last year out of 305 messages) of all the
spam I receive (I don't get spam via dul+rss+rbl) goes through orbs
identified open relays.  And it's more effective now than it was back
in Mar 99.

Now, if there was no advantage, then why did 57% of all my spam that I
receive go through an open relay?

If you have a spam log file, please send me privately all your spam in
a single message.  I would like to analyze it.

What are the number of spams you have received in the last year?  How
many were on orbs that went on dul+rbl+rss when you received them?
How many on dul+rbl+rss?

I suspect if you are willing to tolerate large amounts of spam by not
having blocked any messages, then the relative amount that could be
caught by orbs may indeed be small.  But you are not describing the
current state of affairs with the gcc site, so your information is
meaningless to us.  My information is meaningful, as that is what gcc
uses.  My 57% is the number that we can expect to see if we removed
orbs.  Please show us a better prediction than mine.

How may people what 57% more spam on the gcc list?  Not me.

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