Email rejected by gcc list

Martin v. Loewis
Mon Feb 7 14:04:00 GMT 2000

> Does Cygnus know that ORBS is doing them any good?  Suppose you
> drop ORBS for a while.  Will there be any increase in SPAM
> getting through?

Since much of this appears to be a matter of opinion, let me also
express my opinion. I'm very much in favour of an aggressive anti-spam
policy, so I'd prefer if the ORBS blocking on continues.

Also, I'm not certain that Cygnus plays the role here that you assume
they do: They may have provided the hardware, and Cygnus employees may
be administrating the mail server - however, administrative decisions
on establishing an anti-spam policy is not (only) Cygnus'. 

I'm pretty sure that if the steering committee, or the FSF request
that the policy is changed, it will be changed. If individual
subscribers make such a request, there will be most likely no change,
because there will be other subscribers (like me) that are in favour
of the status quo.

As for the specific provider in question: I haven't seen a convincing
argument why ORBS is bad, yet - the problem appears to be on the RR
end of things. Yes, they may have the legal right to block the testing
messages. But we also have the legal right to block their messages,
which we currently do.


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