Email rejected by gcc list

Bruce Korb bkorb@sco.COM
Mon Feb 7 09:47:00 GMT 2000

Dima Volodin wrote:
> [[...]]  From what I see ... from my prior experience with ORBS,
> ...[is that] it's approach is too aggressive and too
> self-important for a serious site.  My experience also shows that
> dropping ORBS altogether and employing MAPS RSS only doesn't show any
> growth of spam traffic [[...]]
> Bottom line - I really wish gcc lists dropped ORBS.

Amen.  Same problems with Netcom and PSI Net.
Even if you do treble the SPAM level, it is not
like it is very difficult to hit the old delete
key anyway.  The aggravation experienced by the
people unable to post far outweighs any tiny
increment in protection gained by ORBS overkill.

Drop ORBS, please.

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