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Jamie Lokier
Mon Feb 7 09:29:00 GMT 2000

Richard Kenner wrote:
>     So why do they block the probes?
> I thought that was clear from the original message: because some of their
> customers were complaining about them.
> Using a machine without the permission of the owners is a violation of
> Federal law (and of some state statutes as well).  The RoadRunner
> customers who asked ORBS to stop sending packets to their machines are
> completely within their rights under Federal law.  If ORBS does not
> choose to obey the law, RoadRunner has no choice but to block them.

So the sequence of events should be:

   - Customer complains about ORBS scans to ORBS.

   - ORBS ignores Customer.

   - Customer asks RR to block scans.

   - RR blocks scans going to customer.

   - Customer is blacklisted as "potential relay" by ORBS.

This should not affect anyone except the customers who complain, and
then it is only the customers' own machines that are blocked.

RR has no reason that I can see for blocking the scans to RR's own mail
servers, or scans of customers who would like to accept the scans.

To put it simply: if I were an RR customer, I would want the scans from
ORBS to be _allowed_ to my own machines.  IMO, if RR are blocking all
scans from ORBS that is in a similar category to the "customers shall
not run servers" policies.

have a nice day,
-- Jamie

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