Email rejected by gcc list

Gerald Pfeifer
Mon Feb 7 07:06:00 GMT 2000

On 7 Feb 2000, Stephen Moshier wrote:
> The below dispute has been going on for months so that my email to
> Cygnus goes to a black hole.

Your mail to Cygnus is not affected, only (and I believe
sourceware) use ORBS.

> Although we have a thorough anti-SPAM policy and properly address
> these issues, Road Runner has been manually added to the ORBS list due
> to a request we made to the ORBS administrators.

Well, the situation is clear. ORBS has an officially documented policy
of listing all hosts that firewall it or refuse being checked. 

This is necessary, else sloppy providers simply could do exactly that
and avoid being listed.

(BTW, have you checked ? It seems
that RR did exactly that in the past.)

> I can assure you that the IP address that ORBS is currently blocking
> is in no way an open relay, and that it is being blocked solely due to
> ORBS' testing servers being refused at our border routers.

FWIW, documents this as well.

Gerald "Jerry"

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