Request for Exception Handling Table Information

Mike Stump
Fri Feb 4 16:34:00 GMT 2000

> From: "Mike Ludwig" <>
> Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2000 15:36:03 PST

> I have a couple of questions here:

> So my question here is there a target date

I can answer this question out of context.  To all questions about
dates, the answer is usually when you donate the work (or someone else
does).  Or put another way, we don't usually give dates for things.
Instead, we can tell you when they are done (or seem to be done).

You if want or need a date, the best way to get one, is to pay someone
for one.  In the absence of that, there aren't any.

> for when the new exception handling format will be available and is
> it's behaviour/information required documented?

We have a design for it.  We fleshed it out (high level design, not
api/abi) many years ago now on the eh list.  Some people probably have
an archive of it.

> 2) When looking at the code for throw and catch there appear to be
> calls to routines like __tfi (depends on type) and
> __cp_push_exception is there a place where it is documented what
> calls have to be done (for throw and catch), in what order, with
> what parameters, and what each call is supposed to do?

I don't quite understand what information you want or why.  I'd
request that you expose us to more information about what you wanted
and why and how you wanted to use it.  The cp_push_exception is
specific to C++.  If you are doing another language and want to
interoperate, then we should see about factoring out the relevant bits
from /cp/... into the backend that you need for your project and
progress the design and implementation.

Without understanding how you want to use the information, I don't
have the information that I want to tailor what I know for you.
Though, with that information, there's a bit that I can probably help

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