Is -V still supported/sane/useful?

Phil Edwards
Fri Feb 4 08:28:00 GMT 2000

I've never seen -V used in discussions or recommendations on this list,
so here goes.

Here I use 2.95.2.  A fellow admin has 2.8.1, which they need to keep for
some reason.  We need to synchronize versions.  Assuming that a 2.95.2
installation uses the same --prefix as the 2.8.1 installation, what's the
rule for getting them to live side-by-side?

In theory (and in the file), I know that the -V option can be
passed to the driver to override the default version.  But what about all
the stuff that's outside of ..../gcc-lib/PLATFORM/VERSION?  If he installs
the newer version on top of the older one, will critical stuff from 2.8.1
be zapped?  What about vice versa?

I've always just distrusted the -V documentation and given each version
its own --prefix, but that's a worst case scenario here.


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