Request for more info out of __FUNCTION__

Benjamin Scherrey
Wed Feb 2 12:10:00 GMT 2000

Thanx to Dave & Michael for the quick responses. I either missed it,
or have old docs when I first wrote my DEBUG macro. However, this is a
bit of a case of "Be careful what you wish for..." as I'm getting a
lot more info than I wanted and my debug trace listing is way too wide
now. The NameSpace::Class::MethodName is fine (I could even do without
the namespace) but all the parameter information (especially with
templates) is just too much. I guess I'll have to run it through some
script to strip out the extra stuff.

	thanx again & later,

		Ben Scherrey

David Edelsohn wrote:
>         Have you looked at the __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ macro provided by GCC?
> See "Function Names as Strings" under "C Extensions" in the GCC
> documentation.

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